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 Date SubmittedCityState/provinceTypeMilkweedComments
View 11/29/2018 Eieieiei AK Other  Test
View 5/7/2021 Kawakawa NTL Monarchs  A lot of aphids on the plants. I tried many organic methods to remove them but they are persistent.
View 4/27/2021 Madison VA Monarchs  Looked fresh and bright orange
View 4/27/2021 Madison VA Monarchs  Looked like a fresh, new monarch, not a tattered or faded one.
View 4/27/2021 Madison VA Monarchs  This looked like a fresh, first-generation monarch because it was bright orange and did not look tattered.
View 4/28/2021 Glen Rose TX Monarchs asperulawalking on interior road. Land is a conservation easement.
View 5/2/2021 Hamburg NY Other Common Milkweedo first sighted Common Milkweed on 4/23 in full sun ½” tall. o 5 additional counted on 4/26 (total of 6 Common Milkweed) o 4 additional counted on 5/1 (total of 10 Common Milkweed). Common Milkweed sizes on 5/1 are 1" to 1/2" tall.
View 4/19/2021 Bandera TX Monarchs Ascelpias asperula (Antelope Horn) - 103 plants Matelea reticulata (Pearl Milkweed Vine) - 10 plantsObserved adult Monarchs flying. Plants blooming: Prairie Verbena, Wild Garlic, Silver Nightshade, Bluebonnets, Englemann Daisy, Frogfruit. Dry Conditions.
View 4/13/2021 Reva VA Other Asclepius syriacaOne four-leaf A. syriaca plant emerging.
View 3/24/2021 Jacksonville FL Monarchs swamp milkweedThese are the first eggs of the season for me
View 2/13/2021 san diego CA Monarchs Asclepias fasciculatalarva was feeding on native milkweed at 1pm
View 2/12/2021 Juputer FL Monarchs  On the sea shore facing East. Monarch going Soith
View 2/12/2021 Juputer FL Monarchs  On the sea shore facing East. Monarch going Soith
View 2/4/2021 Fulshear TX Monarchs Tropical Giant milkweedsI couldn’t get into this log in until today. So this results are about 2-3 weeks.
View 1/27/2021 Juputer FL Monarchs  On the ocean flying with the breeze
View 1/27/2021 Juputer FL Monarchs  Facing the ocean and flying south
View 1/27/2021 Juputer FL Monarchs  Facing the ocean from deck. Flying south
View 1/27/2021 Juputer FL Monarchs  Facing the ocean from deck. Flying south
View 1/27/2021 Juputer FL Monarchs  Flying sourh
View 1/19/2021 Highspire PA Monarchs  I am just setting up registration and making a copy of info to gather. I have been planting milkweed on my 1/4 acre yard for the past 3 years.
View 1/1/2021 Jupiter FL Monarchs  On deck facing the ocean. Monarch going south
View 11/7/2020 Fulshear TX Monarchs Native tropical Giant milkweedsCutting the milkweeds and found eggs and caterpillars so I raise them.
View 11/4/2020 Encino CA Monarchs Narrowleaf and TropicalSmall residential strip of land with milkweed.
View 11/3/2020 Fulshear TX Monarchs Tropical Giant Native milkweedsTrying to cut the milkweeds but found caterpillars then the eggs so I raise them.
View 10/18/2020 Virginia Beach VA Monarchs Swamp abd Red BudI had already reported the 11 pupae when they were instars they are now chrysalis. I had 7 more turn to chrysalis since my last entry. One is super tiny. I found the other 1 instars in another milkweed plant I had outside. That I was bringing in.so the other instars would have more food.. i also brought in A healthy red bud plant and was surprised to see an instar. Tiny second stager. Finally niw also have 5 black swallow rail chrysalis. On Monday 10/11/20 I did see at the Dismal Swamp in NC a beautiful Black swallow tail butterfly. It was the ine whises wings have a blueish-lpurlpe like tint all over its wings with the other markings black swallow tails have on them. It was pretty and it was the only one I saw in the short time I was there.
View 10/14/2020 Virginia Beach VA Monarchs  Saw monarch butterfly fly high up about 29 feet coming from back yard to the front by tall maple tree. Seems more might emerge in the next few days when there are gaps of rain stopping. Seems the large oak tree with english ivy vine did give them protection. The 8 monarch larvas I reported earlier are now 4 chrysalis and anither is in the J shape at the top of screen.
View 10/14/2020 Virginia Beach VA Monarchs  When went to get a full healthy leave red bud milkweed plant that I had left overnight in my indoor courtyard from the ones I had by the huge oak tree in my backyard, That was surprised to see to large larvas and one small one on the plant. During the week when I had checked on plants there were no larvas on them!! Pu that plant indoors in the butterfly cage with other larvas.
View 10/11/2020 Virginia. Each VA Monarchs  Of the 8 Monarch larvas I reported yesterday, two are now Chrysalis. The got ti the top of their cage and attached themselves. Will monitor just in case they fall off. Also fond 3 5th instar black swallow tails at London Bridge Garden Center. Also found 3 1st stage black swallow tail instars From the 35 Instars had see on 10/08/20.
View 10/11/2020 Virginia Beach VA Monarchs  Finally got back to London Bridge Garden Center purchase plants and get the 16 larvas I had seen on 10/08/20. I was sad that there now was only 8 larvas and one 5th instar black swallow tail instar on a huge fennel plant planted next to Lantana huge bush by shed. I put them inside my house in a huge butterfly cage with plants. In separate containers Inside cage I also put a tray with dill, fennel and parsley if black tail butterflies 2 to 4 stage instars in it. We are have and are getting more rain these next few days. I did nit put the Monarch larvas outside because the last time I put them by Oak tree milkweed plants and shrubs They disappeared. I did find a hornet’s nest which I destroyed, but one got away. I kept seeing it once a fa flying over plants that had larvas. I finally found evidence at night as I was cleaning healthy full milkweed plants by Oak tree that there was Huge monarch larvas poop droppings. Which mean that they have crawled all the Way up the tree (27 yrs okd) with the English Ivy wrapped around it. Tree is very healthy Even with all the ivy on it. Tree is 70 ft by 20 ft.
View 10/12/2020 Kennesaw GA Monarchs  Adult monarch was observed flying in a southern direction at the intersection of Chastain Road and Interstate 75.
View 10/8/2020 Conover NC Monarchs  I found 2 monarch chrysalis about 10 days ago on a fence post. They are still there today.
View 10/11/2020 Virginia Beach VA Monarchs  At London Bridge Garden Center and green house saw 16 monarch larvas on plants near Lantana huge 9 foot by 10 foot planted against she bldg on grounds. Told staff if I could purchase the plants on which larvas were and she said, “ I could have them free.” And the moment I had to go do tons of errands and did get back at 4:55 p.m. Staff told me I could nit purchase anything since they were closing in 5 min. I did also see a Monarch butterfly which we think was a male. Hus picture was different than one I released that morning which I will document in a separate entry. They also had 35 black swallow tail larvas in the 1st to 3rd instar stages by this Lantana plant. I did not see any babies on of any butterflies on any type of plant since the use a spray type rod wen they water plants.
View 10/11/2020 Virginia Beach VA Monarchs  At 8:51 a.m. female Monarch emerged out of cacoon. After drying her wings via trial and error she did take off. Very smart since I had put her on a plant with tons of flowers a few seconds later she attempted to fly to a bush, when I looked at the flower plant I noticed a large flying insect which I killed. I did take her out front and after seeing that she was able to fly better and gaining her confidence she finally took off I took picture if her and she was a female. Later that day when I got home from errands, I found a dead female butterfly by where I had two other chrysalis in the indoor courtyard. I was surprised, shocked and saddened since I do not know where this one came from. Her wing pictures were different than the one That emerged in the morning or the one from the London Bridge Garden Center I already reported.
View 10/7/2020 Clermont FL Monarchs  Observed one adult monarch on a red Penta plant in my front yard around 3pm
View 10/5/2020 Virginia Beach VA Monarchs Swamp and commonToday there was only one instar. It was not on any milkweed but on the flowering plants around the milkweed that I set up to protect and shield them from the weather and predators. It was right in the middle of a big leaf 5 feet off the ground. I put it back on ta milkweed plant. We will see if it disappears tomorrow. I did forget to mention on 10/04/20 That I found two Monarch lavas in the 6 ft plants around them. They were enjoying themselves, I did not disturb, or put them back on the milkweed plants. This explains the hole in the middle of my Yoshino Cherry Blossom tree leaves and the ither shrubs and plants with wholes. It looks like they have gone rouge.
View 10/5/2020 Fulshear TX Monarchs Tropical Giant native milkweedsCutting the milkweeds but found tons of eggs and 4 caterpillars so I keep them.
View 10/5/2020 Virginia Beach VA Monarchs Swamp and cmmonWhen I was checking on larvas to count and see if there were 16, a smaller (possibly female) Monarch butterfly was born at 3:06 p.m. She was trying to get her wings dry and take flight, but we had strong winds. She clutch my finger and I took her to the indoor courtyard in one had and a blooming flowering plant on the other hand. I placed the plant inside the covered protected area where I have the black swallow tail butterfly larvas eating dill, fennel and parsley . The Monarch clutch to the plant. I also brought out the 3 other chrysalis that Zi had inside the house I can trll that 2 of the 3 ate Monarchs. One chrysalis is broen where you can see the wing. The ither one is changing color also. She stayed the whole night, but could have taken flight anytime she wanted since their is an opening (4’X4’) the bottom has protective walls to keep them warmer and safer from predators. This morning was cold, yet she did take flight around 7:30 a.m. My cat was fascinated by flight as he watchd from the window.
View 10/4/2020 Virginia Beach VA Monarchs Currasavia re, Swamp, Tropical. TuberosaPurchased 9 milkweed plants. They had 20 monarch larva's and eggs. Hav the in backyard d by oak tree and others shrubs. 3:59 p.m. a beautiful large male Monarch butterfly. He literally was just born. Had to help him dry his wings and move around A few branches so he could fly out. He got on my finger and I took him to the lantana plant. He was flapping wings as the beating of wings got stronger. He flew right up, more like what a helicopter does. Then he was gone. I did show him all the other instars. Extremely rewarding feeling. I was glad I was at the right spot by oak tree at that time to assist. Instars instantly went to the top if the plants put them on si they all could have tons of food when I checked on the 15 minutes later. Did kill a large spider the night before and have peppermint plants on exterior of shrubs and plants border enclosing milkweed plants. Did find 4 white healthy eggs And5 not so healthy looking eggs on these plants. Some plants dIf have this little yellow bugs all over tgem that I killed with my hands and remove them all frim the plants
View 10/4/2020 Virginia Beach VA Monarchs  At around 1:30 p.m. did see one female Monarch butterfly just starting to fly around area. It did not go by milkweed plants, but was on the grounds flying. I was talking to a male customer who also grows Monarch. He was telling me that he keeps finding the outside on his plants, but lots of his plants are missing all there leaves do to mice. Upset the man to no end. He brings the larvas indoors and puts them in their cage. Said, “this year he has only released40, but normally he releases85 by thus time. The Monarchs came late. They showed up at my house in late August.” As we were speaking, I noticed a chrysalis attached to the lip of the milkweed pot he was holding and warn him to be careful since it looked like in 2 to 3 days it will be a butterfly. Right away he wen to purchase the plan and get chrysalis save in cage. He did say that Monarchs were being born with deformities, mainly the wings.
View 10/4/2020 Atlanta GA Monarchs  Adult monarch visiting nectar flowers, mid day on a sunny, mild day. It moved on after a few minutes.
View 10/11/2020 Virginia Beach VA Monarchs  I kept checking in my open air indoor courtyard to see if monarch butterfly had broken free from her chysalis throughout the day, I think it took flight somewhere between 1:30 p.m. and 2:30 p.m. It had been cloudy and misty type rain off and on throughout the day. I knew she was going to fly out since her wings were obvious through the shell. Still have one more chrysalis that I am waiting on.
View 10/1/2020 Virginia Beach VA Monarchs Swamp and ComminPutting 45 Black Swallow Tail larvas by oak tree that were in the 1st through 2nd stages (3 were in 4th stages) by oak tree along with 3 Monarch. Monarchs grow super fast and eat tons when they are out in nature. Plus they hide at night and do not come out unless the weather is right for them. Had all larvae in covered indoor courtyard with one side open to courtyard Raised all from eggs. Put them outside on this day. Unfortunately on Tuesday Night a last minuted Horrible rain storm Came by. The next morning I did not see any larva at any stage. Pupae Was inside and should be ready to fly by Sat/Sun. Weather dropping to 50s At night wind shield factored in. Will put all larva’s Back in covered courtyard where it will be warmer fir them. Rain, storms, and wind are BIG factors in why butterfly population of all kinds (hummingbird mouth also) are SO low!!
View 9/18/2020 Virginia Beach VA Monarchs Swamp, tropical, tuberosaLooks like we are going to have bad weather. No sign of other instars today! Also on 8/27/20 at 10:15 a.m. released 1-1st stage instar. I did not see any sign if it at night in 8/27 or anytime today.
View 9/18/2020 Virginia Beach VA Monarchs Tuberosa, tropical, and swamp MilkweedIn the morning 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. saw 6 total instars. At 7:10 p.m. only saw 2- 4th instars
View 10/1/2020 Virginia Beach VA Monarchs Swamp and CommonWhen I first looked at plants did not see any eggs. Was there for an hour. About 19 minutes before I was going to go saw Monarch going by plants, but this time she did lay eggs. I bought a plant that had an egg. Other folks were coming and buying milkweed plants. I was not sure if they also were looking for eggs or a healthier full plant. The sad part us that when I was loading my truck with tons if dill, fennel, and parsley, plus two milkweed plants, The SAD thing was that I found the Monarch that laid the eggs dying on the pebbles. I fid pick her up and have her little body. Tons of Folks at VA Beach are doing the same thing I do according to staff. They keep buying the milkweed, parsley, and dill to feed the larvae’s and give the eggs at chance at life.
View 9/18/2020 Virginia Beach VA Monarchs Swamp and tuberosa, and tropicalMonarch butterfly was flying and drinking nectar from the lantana bush in the front right corner of house at 2:45 p.m. In the morning saw 4 - 4th instar, in the evening I only saw 3- 4th instars. This batch of instars do not hide and are on the top of stalks or easily visible at night.
View 9/18/2020 Virginia Beach VA Monarchs Swamp and tuberosa, and tropicalMonarch butterfly was flying and drinking nectar from the lantana bush in the front right corner of house at 2:45 p.m. In the morning saw 4 - 4th instar, in the evening I only saw 3- 4th instars. This batch of instars do not hide and are on the top of stalks or easily visible at night.
View 9/27/2020 Horseshoe Bay TX Monarchs ZizotesOn the same Zizotes plant on my deck that I reported 6 eggs earlier.
View 9/27/2020 Horseshoe Bay TX Monarchs ZizotesThis Zizotes is in a pot on my deck.
View 9/19/2020 Commanche National Gra... CO Monarchs SunflowerAdult male monarch feeding on sunflower plants. Noticed and photographed while we were looking for tarantulas.