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 Date SubmittedCityState/provinceTypeMilkweedComments
View 8/20/2017 Mariposa CA Monarchs Narrow leaf milkweedMany tarantula hawk wasps, Pepsis spp., in area, chasing away monarch adults.
View 8/17/2017 Rock Island IL Monarchs  Observed female laying eggs on the 15th. Went back to collect on the 17th. One of four stands of milkweed.
View 8/16/2017 Mahopac NY Monarchs Asclepias syriaca5th instar was located near the top of the plant, possibly getting ready to become a pupae.
View 8/15/2017 Midland MI Monarchs Common Milkweed6 Aphid Plants
View 8/14/2017 Woodbury CT Monarchs  last adult monarch sighting was two days ago
View 8/14/2017 Hancock NH Monarchs common milkweedsingle larvae was one inch in length
View 8/14/2017 Rome WI Monarchs Common; red.Only 3 purple hare bells and 1 Black-eyed Susan were blooming. Milkweed seemed hydrated. There were fewer Aphis nerii, ants, and spiders present; although there were a lot of Aphis nerii on the red milkweed. Temperature was 73 degrees F.
View 8/13/2017 Vista CA Monarchs  Only 3% survival rate for caterpillars brought in from outside. 95% emergence of monarchs hand reared from eggs.
View 8/13/2017 Lodi OH Monarchs Swamp milkweed, common milkweedMonitoring all milkweed in this location for 2 years. Help disburse seeds from mature milkweed last year.
View 8/11/2017 thorndike ME Monarchs Asclepias syriaca, Asclepias tuberosaNice! first larva since 2012. however, not feeding 5 hrs after first observation and still located as same location on a single leaf. parasitized? will watch in wild
View 8/11/2017 Alamo MI Monarchs common milkweedNo larger larvae from the 19 eggs on 7/29/17. Very little evidence of 1st instar chewing. High predation of eggs.
View 8/14/2017 Rome WI Monarchs Common; red.Temperature 76 degrees F. No Aphis nerii present. There were a few grasshoppers and a couple of big red and black beetles present. No blooming plants. Site had experienced motor cycle activity.
View 8/8/2017 Broken Arrow OK Monarchs incarnata, curassavica, commonThere were other eggs on plants that I just briefly scanned. I didn't get to do a thorough search. One of earlier 3rd instar larva succumbed to tachinid fly parasitism during attempt to pupate. 3 fly pupae emerged.
View 8/9/2017 Toronto ON Monarchs commonsaved for rearing
View 8/7/2017 Rindge NH Monarchs asclepias syriacaI have photos of many, many baby monarchs. I don't see where to post them.
View 8/7/2017 Hales Corners WI Monarchs Asclepias syriacalots of aphids and ants, Lady beetles in all stages
View 8/7/2017 Winchester VA Other  I saw the one and only Monarch butterfly of this year fly past my home Sunday.
View 8/7/2017 Winchester VA Other  Clearing out my side yard, decided all the milkweed plants that had sprouted and not provided but one Monarch had to go for the sake of the mowing this year. I cut off all the seed pods and was going to donate them locally. But the woman was charging two dollars for each packet of seeds. I want to DONATE them. Would you like to have them? The stalks are still here, I can look for stuff on the leaves and stalks. Thank you so much. Barbara J. Fogle
View 8/7/2017 New Boston NH Monarchs common milkweednever saw eggs or larva til they were big. only saw one monarch butterfly about a week ago
View 8/6/2017 North Branch MN Monarchs Common, Swamp, and Butterfly weed (and a few other cultivars)I have observed two Monarchs, a male and female using both my milkweed and pollinator plants. I also observed other butterflies, e.g. swallowtails.
View 8/9/2017 Clive IA Monarchs 1x
View 8/6/2017 Windham NH Monarchs common milkweedFound one large pupa. Will protect it with netting and monitor. Will probably put it in a safe cage for the chrysallis stage so that we can release it as a butterfly. This is the first in this spot in probably at least 4 years. Prior to that, we would have several each year. This is a butterfly garden where I planted milkweeds on purpose.
View 8/21/2017 mcarthur CA Monarchs asclepias fascicularisjust east of crystal springs campground at ahjumawi state park
View 8/6/2017 Sabinsville PA Monarchs commonThroughout the blitz I covered a field of a few hundred thousand common milkweed plants by staying on a mowed circular path around the field, and just checking the milkweed that grows along the path.I did scan the entire field for monarchs. I checked for eggs, etc. on three of the days, the first, a middle day, and the last day as time was not available to allow me to do that every day.
View 8/6/2017 Sabinsville PA Monarchs commonThis field contains a few hundred thousand milkweed plants, I only check those that grow along a mowed path around the field and then scan the whole field for monarchs.
View 8/6/2017 Greencastle IN Monarchs Common MilkweedLate afternoon and they flew in and out of the common milkweed patch; eastward from there.
View 8/5/2017 Valenci CA Monarchs tropical milkweedBrought inside as found eggs due to high incidence of tachinid fly. Should eclose in two days.
View 8/6/2017 Antioch IL Monarchs common milkweedwhile searching for monarch eggs, i notice several older looking hole on the leaves. So, before this monitoring period i must have missed several eggs/instars. Ants are crawling on the leaves---they must be predators.
View 8/5/2017 Ossipee NH Monarchs  Large patch milkweed in field, most flowers past, forming pods. Larvae on smaller plants, edge of patch, still in bloom. 3 larvae on two milkweed invasives in midst of large blueberry planting (120 plants).
View 8/5/2017 Washington DC Monarchs Sand vineThe eggs were on relatively new leaves on young sand vine plants.
View 8/5/2017 Cortland NY Monarchs  I saw 4 eggs on one plant
View 8/5/2017 Broken Arrow OK Monarchs incarnata, syriaca, curassavica, sullivanti, speciosaMale Monarch patrolling the backyard late this afternoon. I did not see the female that laid the eggs. I was surprised to find so many. A few of the eggs may be from Queens that have taken up residence in the backyard.
View 8/5/2017 Wilmette IL Monarchs Common milkweed/Asclepias syriaca Swamp milkweed/Asclepias incarnataObserved plants in back and front yard of private home. Also observed areas on leaves that appeared to be spots where eggs were formerly attached. Area has been visited by monarchs and swallowtails.
View 8/5/2017 Robinson IL Monarchs swamp milkweed, common milkweedMarathon Petroleum Lincoln Trail College wildlife habitat. Observed numerous swamp milkweed plants and common milkweed plants. No eggs / cats observed on the common milkweed. 6 cats observed on the swamp milkweed. Great photos were obtained. The common milkweed is in the seed pod stage and is no longer blooming. Swamp milkweed is just now starting to bloom. I suspect this location will be a very good monarch habitat for the next couple of weeks. Also observed 3 large northern water snakes, tussock milkweed caterpillars, 2 wild turkeys, a red admiral butterfly, a viceroy, leafhoppers, praying mantis, black eyed susan, 100s of young cottonwood trees, blackberry briars, persimmon trees Canada Geese, black swallowtails, spicebush swallowtails, Easter Tiger Swallowtails, and bee balm.
View 8/5/2017 hutsonville IL Monarchs no milkweed observedMarathon Petroleum Hutsonville wildlife habitat. No monarch observed. Small area of native grasses, mostly bee balm. Several bees observed.
View 8/5/2017 Springfield IL Monarchs CommonAlthough I checked 25+ common milkweed plants, I only saw 2 eggs. It was getting dark and I was moving a little quicker than I would have liked, so I didn't get stuck out in the dark. This is in my back yard and there are MANY more milkweed plants to check. I plan to go back out tomorrow, but wanted to get my observations in, since this was the last day. Also, saw one 4th instar today eating on a common milkweed. I have 1 I brought and put in a butterfly habitat outside that is in 5th instar stage. It is hanging in the "J" and will make a chrysalis soon. Last Friday, when I was mowing the trail in the tall grass and milkweed, I saw at least 6 monarch butterflies flying around the area.
View 8/5/2017 Brentwood NH Monarchs  2 eggs found on the underside of large leaf. Saw only 2 monarchs all summer.
View 8/5/2017 Austin TX Monarchs Antelope Horn, Texas, ButterflyNo specimens seen. Usually too early in the year for this region.
View 8/5/2017 Gilbertsville PA Monarchs 62 Common 16 Tropical1 previous egg is now 1st instar 1 previous 1st instar died
View 8/5/2017 Milford NH Monarchs Asclepias syriaca (Common Milkweed)These plants are in my front yard and there are many wild flowers around the house. I don't mow and I let the plants grow wild.
View 8/5/2017 Madison WI Monarchs Common and marshFound these on the milkweed in my native plant garden. Collected them and am raising them on my screen porch. Already have one chrysalis and 3 other lcatepillars.
View 8/5/2017 Richmond VA Monarchs asclepias syriaca, Asclepias curassavicaIn watching female monarch laying eggs today, I noted possible activity on some of the leaves of the asclepias syriaca and found first instars.
View 8/5/2017 Harpswell ME Monarchs Common MilkweedMy data consists of 4 separate areas of Common Milkweed plants in my field. It is easier to enter this all in as one because I had trouble using the area tool trying to do each one. About half of the milkweed is in poor condition because we have had hardly any rain for about a month and a half. I moved caterpillars found on poor plants to healthier ones to help them. It's too much for me to do regular monitoring but I wanted to contribute to the Monarch Monitoring Blitz. I see at least a couple adult Monarchs every day here for about a couple months now.
View 8/10/2017 Hinton OK Monarchs Antelope hornWalked through native rangelands and looked at the milkweed to see if eggs or pupa were present. Adults were see flying about.
View 8/9/2017 Pomona CA Monarchs Asclepias fasicularisBoth instars were observed on the same milkweed plant. The other four plants had no larvae on them. As far as we could tell, we did not see any eggs on any of the plants surveyed. The adult monarch we observed was a male; it was flying/ patrolling the area quite actively.
View 8/11/2017 thorndike ME Monarchs Asclepias tuberosa, Asclepais syriacaa single female appeared here early July, but did not appear to oviposit - but we were incorrect
View 8/7/2017 Ferryville WI Monarchs Asclepias IncernateCheck every day as I need to pick leaves for food-and I am including the new larva and pupae as of this date that came from the eggs I have collected.
View 8/8/2017 Hatfield PA Monarchs common milkweed, butterfly weedI just learned of your site from the Monarch Watch at Kansas University. I'm not sure of the instar ranking, but we took pictures on an IPhone. I have been watching monarchs since the beginning of July. Since July 14th, we have observed at least one Monarch a day and often two.
View 8/6/2017 Portland OR Monarchs Showy Milkweed (Asclepsis speciosa)Sadly, no Monarchs observed--but the milkweed was only planted Sept. 2016. The patch is increasing as the milkweed spreads--so maybe next year!
View 8/6/2017 Boerne TX Monarchs Antelope HornsAll milkweed was brown, dry and brittle with no flower and no green leaves. There were many milkweed plants blooming there this spring Area has been in drought conditions for several months.