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 Date SubmittedCityState/provinceTypeMilkweedComments
View 4/4/2024 New Braunfels TX Monarchs Butterfly Weed2 entire plants have been stripped of leaves.....I am seeing more young larvae present today. I have observed them for 3 days now. It seems like these larvae are located on plants on one side of my garden where I always have tropical milkweed planted. I added in some other plants on another side of the garden. I do not see any evidence of eggs or larvae there. It seems like the butterflies instinctively knew where to lay eggs on their journey north.
View 4/1/2024 Richmond TX Monarchs Asclepias curassavicaThis data is from 2 tropical milkweed plants that were in a nursery called Enchanted Gardens. I have purchased the plants and will be testing for OE once the monarchs emerge. Data will be shared with Project Monarch Health and National Wildlife Federation.
View 3/30/2024 Katy TX Monarchs Asclepius CurassavicaWarm, breezy mid morning. Healthy large 5th instar A chrysalis found a foot away on American Beautyberry.
View 4/6/2024 Sacramento CA Monarchs asclepias fascicularis, asclepias speciosaAdult monarch was not seen, but approximately 35 eggs were left on a. fascicularis plants in one gallon pots in my front garden; approximately 20 eggs were left on a. speciosa and a. fascicularis in the ground. Plants had approximately 2-3" of growth when eggs were left. Weather in Sacramento has been unseasonably cool; at the two week mark, many eggs were still present but no larvae were observed.
View 1/28/2024 Jupiter FL Other  Looking over the ocean. West wind. Storm front coming from the noeth
View 11/1/2023 Westport CT Monarchs noneTwo adult monarch butterflies were flying around the dune grass. Both appeared to be females, although I was unable to photograph them
View 10/5/2023 Apple Valley MN Monarchs  South bound monarch sighted in 149th st west of pilot knob
View 10/5/2023 Apple Valley MN Monarchs  On patio north side of house. Monarch flying west to east. NW wind
View 11/1/2023 Bethel CT Monarchs commonAdult female feeding on zinnia flowers
View 9/19/2023 Apple Valley MN Monarchs  Small monarch going West to East. Observed from patio north side of house
View 9/18/2023 Pflugerville TX Monarchs Zizotes, antelope horns, green, texas milkweed, pearl vine, potted giant milkweedNectar available: turks cap, texas lantana, woolly stemodia, pride of barbados, mealy blue sage, greggs blue mistflower, maximillian sunflower, cowpen daisy, autumn sage
View 9/18/2023 Madison GA Monarchs Asclepias viridifloraI found 2 3rd instar larvae on Asclepias viridiflora on my property. I have a lot of other native varieties planted in my garden but the viridiflora is the only species that is on my property naturally/wild.
View 9/12/2023 Black Mountain NC Monarchs A. syriacaMLMP site 5837 Community Garden Monarch Meadow
View 9/8/2023 Apple Valley MN Monarchs  Small monarch going east to west observed while out on the patio on north side of house
View 9/7/2023 Wilmot NH Other Sullivants, common,A large field with lots of milkweed, some eaten, some dead
View 8/31/2023 Apple Valley MN Monarchs  While sitting on the patio on north side of house. Monarch flying east to west
View 8/30/2023 Midland MI Monarchs Common Milkweedone adult off the search site
View 8/28/2023 Niles IL Monarchs commonThe "other larvae" was a tussock moth late instar on one of the plants.
View 8/27/2023 Apple Valley MN Monarchs  Large monarch traveling south observed on the north side of the property. Wind out if SE
View 8/28/2023 Viola WI Monarchs Common MilkweedA few milkweed plants growing in a flower bed on the side of a garage.
View 8/26/2023 Denver CO Monarchs Not on milkweed. Nectaring on purple butterfly bush.Adult male captured on butterfly bush with net.
View 8/26/2023 Commerce City CO Monarchs No milkweed species present. Adult female nectaring on purple flower.Adult feeding adjacent to Mary Lake Rocky Mtn Arsenal.
View 8/18/2023 Bartlett IL Monarchs  I saw an adult Monarch at 4 pm. There is common milkweed and butterfly weed at this location.
View 8/17/2023 Apple Valley MN Monarchs  On patio north side of house
View 8/30/2023 Midland MI Monarchs Common MilkweedA lot of weather battered battered milkweed and caterpillar evidence but NO activity.
View 8/16/2023 Midland MI Monarchs 90% Common Milkweed, 10% Swamp MilkweedCool and Overcast
View 8/15/2023 Madison VA Monarchs Monarch was not on milkweedObserved 2 monarchs flying
View 8/15/2023 Madison VA Monarchs  Observed monarch flying while driving in my car
View 1/17/2024 Nekoosa WI Monarchs CommonTime: 5:15p.m - 5:45 p.m. Temperature: 60 degrees F. Sky was cloudy. Wind was 9 mph.
View 8/13/2023 Philippi WV Monarchs Common milkweedFemale monarch observed
View 8/15/2023 Madison VA Monarchs Monarch was not on milkweedObserved monarch nectaring on flowering plants.
View 8/16/2023 Midland MI Monarchs Common MilkweedLess Activity
View 8/11/2023 ottsville PA Monarchs Asclepias TuberosaOn the stone wall. Two butterflyweed planted late summe 2022, 3 butterflyweed planted in early July.
View 8/9/2023 Midland MI Monarchs Common MilkweedApproximately 40% loss of Milkweed
View 8/8/2023 Union Grove WI Monarchs CommonSaw 5 monarch caterpillars on milkweek.
View 8/7/2023 Apple Valley MN Monarchs  Large southbound monarch observed on north side of house
View 8/9/2023 Madison VA Monarchs  Monarch observed while flying around nectar plants and milkweed
View 8/30/2023 Orono MN Monarchs  Small garden behind the Orono Middle School. About three milkweed plants, one had no eggs, the other had two. A couple of monarchs were flying around the area, both looked male.
View 8/7/2023 Nekoosa WI Monarchs CommonMedium to small black ants on milkweed. Also, aphis nerii, but much fewer present than the black ants.
View 8/29/2023 Loveland OH Monarchs Found a total of 17 caterpillars (monarch) on both butterfly weed and swamp milkeweedThree have successfully eclosed- they were all female- and been released in our yard as of 8/29/23. The other 14 are still in their chrysalis, but are due to eclose over the next week.
View 8/9/2023 Madison VA Monarchs  Monarch observed while nectaring on flowering ironweed
View 8/4/2023 Apple Valley MN Monarchs  Large monarch sighted north side of house
View 8/4/2023 Holmdel NJ Monarchs Common milkweedThis is a backyard native plant garden with a lot of milkweed.
View 8/3/2023 Commerce City CO Monarchs  Watching burrowing owl family when monarch female came floating past.
View 8/3/2023 Denver CO Monarchs Showy milkweedAdult female monarch landed on butterfly bush in backyard.
View 8/4/2023 North Wales PA Monarchs CommonNo additional details
View 8/4/2023 North Wales PA Monarchs Common and SwampObservations made as part of Monarch Monitoring Blitz week. 7 Adults and 3 children participated in this set of observations. 1 adult monarch was see flying; 2nd adult monarch was found dead in count area.
View 8/2/2023 Madison VA Monarchs A. incarnataSaw two adult monarchs nectaring on A. incarnata in field. One was female; didn't get a close enough look at the second.
View 8/2/2023 Lexington KY Monarchs Common milkweed; plants were not counted, but an estimate is 250-300 plantsmost of the eggs were found along the same path
View 8/1/2023 Madison VA Monarchs A. syriacaHealthy in appearance.